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The Clear Vision Planner
Quickly & Easily Get Focused To Optimize Your Business & Earn More Money
Most people in the fitness industry are living broke. They freak out over where money is coming from and feel guilty about how much they see their family.  This is your 7 Step Roadmap to build the fitness business, and life you deserve.  It's 100% online, and you can access it 24/7, anytime, anywhere.  Stop living broke, and start living with clarity, focus and abundance!
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Here's What You'll Get:
  •  7 Full-length HD videos. Define your goals, achieve them in short order, and live the lifestyle you deserve... all while working with clients you love who adore you ($1000.00 Value)
  •  Fill in the blanks printable worksheets. Effortlessly map out your Vision, Mission, Tribe, dream income and your action steps. You’ll put pen to paper. Having the exact step-by-step plan to “connect the dots” between where you are now and where you want to be. ($500 Value)
  •  Unlimited 24/7 Online access from your computer or mobile device so if you need a refresher or want to take your lessons on the road... you can see where you need to be, anytime, anyplace. ($500.00 Value)
Also Included:
  • You’ll gain exclusive access to a private Facebook Group which already boasts over 65 active members and growing. (Priceless)
  •  Enjoy a complete BONUS training where you’ll discover how to immediately increase your monthly income. With 10 different “off-the-floor” revenue streams you can add. ($49.95 Value). 
  •  Enjoy deep discounts as you advance in your education and experience. Where you are right now should look nothing like where you are a year from now. (Priceless)
"I guarantee that you'll get total clarity on how to stop spinning your wheels and start having your fitness business work for you!  Don't you agree that life is too short to not get the life you deserve?"
-Vita La Fata, 7 Figure Fit Pro
What Are Others Saying?

" I have a new community of friends now"

I was lacking accountability to achieve my goal, and support, and guidance, clarity. I didn’t know which path I needed to take. He just lays the bricks down one at a time, and gives you that path. I didn’t know where I was going to go, and he has the blueprint for it. I researched and knew how successful he was. I invested and said, ‘Don’t fix what’s not broken’ I have a new community of friends now. I haven’t even met them in person, but we’re joking around. There’s camaraderie. He’s bringing people together that want the same goal, yet you’re not fighting one another for competition.”

~ Nicole Naples

"the most balanced that I’ve ever felt" 

“I got a lot of great results working with Vito. Like number one, I learned to time block. But I’ve just really grown as a person and how I communicate and talk with people. I got real clear on how and where I wanted to go with my business. So I was able to align a lot of things. It has got me to where I think, the most balanced that I’ve ever felt in all areas of my life.” 

-Yvette Bernosky.

"well-organized, well put-together"

“I think I just realized that that I would have to invest in myself to go beyond free resources. I had to just make the investment. I thought it was invaluable so, I was willing to pay the price. And, I just really liked the way Vito’s program was well-organized, well put-together. It flowed really well. Without it I would have never probably niched down as close as I did, or created my avatar like he educated me on. I probably would have just been winging it, if it wasn’t for his course. So, the
CVP was definitely a great program for me.” 

~ Pete Lyons

"It's a game-changer!"

"The 7 Day Clear Vision Planner is a must-have resource for the growth-minded fitness professional looking to gain clarity of purpose, achieve personal and professional goals, create a greater impact, and maximize their chances of success in business and life.  

If you're a Fitnesspreneur that wants to separate yourself from the crowd, do yourself a huge favor by investing in the CVP. It's a game-changer!"

– Brent Holcombe

"helped me to be more focused"

"Vito's 7-Day Clear Vision Planner as well as his over the shoulder training was exactly what I needed in my business and in my life. As someone who struggles with time management, I was finding it extremely difficult to fit everything in throughout the week.  

Doing the Clear Vision Planner has helped me to be more focused and more effectively use my time so that I can best serve my tribe. It has also helped me to have clarity when communicating with people and help them with exactly what they need."

– Melissa Goldberg
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